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Representative Cases

The snapshot descriptions below represent a small sampling of the cases Georgia McMillen has mediated.  You may see in these snapshots circumstances similar to those you are facing.  Please note that these case results do not guarantee or predict the same or similar result for your case.  Every party and dispute, and the outcome of the dispute, is dependent on the unique facts of each case.

Family Law and Divorce

  • Cases involving marital dissolution in which the parties reached written agreement as to custody and visitation of minor children, division of assets and debts of the marriage, and spousal support. 

  • Post-decree disputes seeking modifications of custody and support. 

  • Cases in which the parties were not married, but had acquired either significant assets or significant debts, or needed to make important decisions concerning the custody and care of minor children.

Employment.  Mediated resolution of a hostile workplace disputes between a federal government employer and employee, and between two state employees working at an educational institution. 

Commercial, Business and Insurance.
Settled commercial and business disputes, including mediation of a commercial lease dispute, and global settlement as to
long-standing insurance litigation regarding a residential property.

Trusts and Estates.  Mediated resolution of an estate dispute, with the estate trustee and claimant reaching a written agreement as to all claims against and on behalf of the estate.

Real Estate

  • Mediated resolution of a dispute between a condominium resident/owner and the condominium Board of Directors as to all claims in a written agreement.

  • Mediated resolution of a longstanding mortgage foreclosure litigation, including appellate claims.

  • Mediated resolution of a highly contentious, emotional quiet title action, reaching a written agreement as to all issues between the financial institution and claimants.

  • Mediated resolution of a contentious, longstanding dispute over control and ownership of a multi-million dollar waterfront property, reaching a written agreement.

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